pátek 20. května 2011

Hi guys, it's been a long break till I have been posting in my blog due to some troublesome circumstances but here I am and I would like to talk about the new 1.3.3 patch in Starcraft 2 which is on for a couple of days.
I am just gonna post the patch list and add my commentary under every change.

Balance Changes
-Now a Massive unit.
-Range increased from 2 to 3.
 I think that this is a great change. Archon can no longer be slowed and therefore kited very easily with marauders which made them not so great in PvT. Also this means that now they can break forcefields in PvP. Increased range is also a very huge buff and I think we will be seeing archons much more now.
I think that this will become a big problem for terran players because he works so well against bio (bonus damage to biological ,can't be slowed now ,bigger range ).

Cybernetics Core
Research Warp Gate time increased from 140 to 160.
Sentry train time decreased from 42 to 37.
Power radius has been decreased from 7.5 to 6.5.

All of those 3 changes should help with PvP where 4-gating was very common and nobody wants one dimensionals strats. Faster sentries will also help defending a 4 gate more easily. Decreasing power radius from pylons is also a good idea because the opponent could easily place a pylon near your cliff which you could not destroy (and warp-in stuff right into your base)

Salvage resource return reduced from 100% to 75%.

A lot of players have been ranting about this issue for quite a long time. Bunkers are not completely "free" now but I don't think will stop 2rax bunker rush in ZvT at all.

-Cost changed from 150/150 to 200/100.

Now THIS IS INTERESTING! As we all know gas is more valuable than minerals and this is a huge buff to ghosts (Although it is kinda awkward because casters should usualy cost a lot of gas). I think that Ghost opening in TvT will be much more common now , 1 snipe will kill a marine (without a shield upgrade) and they are great against those pesky banshees (EMP drains all of the units energy - quess you can't hide from me now plus ghosts have 10+10 DMG against light which is 20 damage to a banshee -> 7 shots to kill it with one ghost]

-Thor now has 200 max energy, and starts with 50 energy.
-250mm Strike Cannons now cost 150 energy to use (cooldown removed).

I have no idea why blizzard gave them energy back ,probably because we we seeing some mass mass thor strats in TvP (and Blizzard don't want thors as a core units - which I personally agree with) but honestly 250mm Strike Cannons is one of the most boring and useless abilities ever and now even harder to use as you need to wait for a whoopin' 150 mana (cca 3 minutes) usable only against immortals ,maybe collosus if you catch them out of position (don't happen very often) and enemy thors. It would bee good if Ultralisk could be stunned but as we all know they can't and DPS of 250mm cannons vs normal attack is almost the same which is kinda weird... ( Go and test it on unit-test map if you don't believe me!)


-Speed decreased from 2.5 to 2.25.

Not a gamebreaking change. I think that Idra said that this is actually a buff because in a lot of cases Infestors were running ahead of a main army just to get slaughtered by a siege tank fire.

Spore Crawler
-Root time decreased from 12 to 6.

Zerg has been having some troubles with early air attacks (Banshee ,Void ray) and I think that is a great change which could make those early air strats harder to execute. Hydras are no longer T 1.5 as they were in original SS thus limiting Zergs anti-air options only to spore crawlers and queens in the early game.
Overall I am pleased with a new patch and I am already looking forward to next one ! Blizzard is making a great work so far.

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  1. i wish i still had time for this.. :/
    awesome game.

  2. Too bad I'm never buying a Blizzard game again.

    (thank you WoW)

  3. Nice word (intricate).Thanks for improving my vocabulary !

  4. Protoss are the best, i hate facing the zerg so much...they are so annoying

  5. Very nice, I need to get this game.

  6. Well I guess it's time for a SC2 Comeback

  7. @harry: what's wrong with blizzard games?

  8. Lots pretty kool i'm tempted to get this

  9. Why did i wait so long to get this game? bleh :P

  10. nice updateds...i think now the game has more balance..we will see what happens then!

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  11. So keen to get this game!